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Feature Film  | English | Ghana

The Storm. Feature Film

Directed by Ben Owusu

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd in association with 7 Aspect Productions

After gaining fame from almost single-handedly stopping one of the biggest bank robberies in recent history, Detective Danso earns a promotion; to head up a special crime unit. With no time to celebrate, he is soon thrust into his first case when the mutilated dead body of a teenage boy is found in a swimming pool. The body seems to be related to a recent spate of missing children.

When the niece of well-known social campaigner and socialite, Milly Forson, is kidnapped, her already hard-hitting campaigns against the police and government step up a gear, and she decides to run for the presidential election.

Such a decision doesn’t sit lightly with the current governmental elite or the heads of the organised crime gangs that are in cahoots with them, hence they set Milly up for elimination so they can continue their corrupt activities, largely unchallenged.

Word of the planned assassination leaks out to Detective Danso, but, unfortunately, he’s too late to prevent Milly Forson from being gunned down by her own security detail, who have been bribed to take her down. Even worse, for Danso, he’s been implicated in the crime…

Bazooka Bunny
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