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The Final 45. Feature Film

Directed by Graham Birch

The Final 45 is set in Northern France in 1943. France is under German occupation and the French Resistance is highly active working with the British. Jonnie and Monique live in a remote cottage that had been abandoned. Jonnie is a former officer from the British Army and Monique is a former nurse. To the observer they have a perfect life, but they live under a cloud of uncertainty and fear. They fear that Jonnie will be activated by the British and sent away. They also fear that the Germans will find out that Monique is a Jew. Their fear of the British making contact becomes a reality and Jonnie is given a tough choice – accept the mission and they will take Monique to safety or don’t and she will be captured as the Jew hunters are on to her. Jonnie accepts the job and is tasked with escorting a special operative through northern France. Unfortunately, this operative is killed at the meeting point and Jonnie continues with the critical information that must be delivered. He is captured and things don’t go well for him. However, there is a twist in the tale, as those familiar with Operation Mincemeat will know. False plans have been sent to misguide the Germans.

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