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1hrs 30min  | English |

Director: George McCluskey

The Devil Came Home

Tim, Elaine, and Mindy, (the Baxter family), have moved into a cottage in the countryside in the forlorn hope that things will improve for them.

Her husband, Tim, has PTSD from 22 years in the army and her daughter, (from a previous relationship), Mindy, is a problematic teenager who does not get along with her stepfather at all.

Elaine calls her friend and psychiatrist, Peter Richards, for help but, when the situation begins to get out of control, with a series of bizarre and intimidating events happening to each of the occupants in the house, and Tim now claiming to be someone else, Elaine feels her only hope is Jonathan Walker, a priest and close family friend.

With Tim's health fading, the family on the verge of collapse and Richards still believing the issue is with Tim's mind, Walker sets about going to war with the demon that has possessed Tim... 

Our role is Producers and post-production.

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