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The Beer Show - Season 1 -

Season 1. 10 x 60mins | English | Subtitles 

Producer Henry Rouquairol

Presenter Beth Hagendorf

Beer, Banter and Fun!  The Beer Show is all about beer. Beer has a big story to tell and it involves the entire world. We are on a quest to travel and discover everything that is beer; from beer made by medieval monks to today's micro and macro breweries, through to beer festivals. This is a show that’s so immersed in history and culture you can actually taste it!

Hosted by beer and travel enthusiast Beth Hagendorf, someone born with the gift of the gab and also with a curiosity for life's intricacies, The Beer Show sees Beth share her fascination of the ever-evolving beer culture, as she bellies up to bars worldwide, asking questions that no one else is asking. Join Beth as she bravely swims down a rabbit hole of delicious beer history and science.

Beth met her co-host, Gilroy, while searching for the best beers in South Africa. Gilroy is a colourful character, to say the least, and has been brewing beer for over 50 years. He enjoys the fun atmosphere that beer provides and hosts his own beer comedy show.

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