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Starhyke 4D

5 min | English | Director Andrew Dymond

Join the crew of the starship Nemesis as a new cadet, ready to experience your first flight into space. Hold on tight as your shuttle embarks on its skip around the galaxy and participate in an intergalactic experience. Encountering an attack from the alien Reptid fighters can you turn the tables and counterattack? Zoom through the asteroids and be the victor before returning back to base. The show features Hollywood actress Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5) as she welcomes you on this adventurous, action packed journey.

Our role was to create and produce the 4D film. We arranged all aspects of the story, production, rendering in house the post-production and the 3D stereoscopic mastering. 

Starhyke_ First Flight 4D
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