Shadow Chasers - Season 1

Season 1.  6 x 30mins | English | Subtitles 

Season 3. 6 x 44mins | English | Subtitles 

Season 2. 6 x 30mins | English | Subtitles 

Producer/ Director Andrew Dymond

Shadow chasers is a British paranormal reality television series, first televised In the UK in 2017, now an international phenomenon on Amazon Prime in America. The show and takes an unbiased view on the evidence collected. Investigators Rob Park, Adam J Morgan, Kia Aspill and Kevin Bate who use scientific tools to collect evidence at alleged haunted locations in the UK.

They are joined by guest psychics Nikki 'Stargazer' Carter and Claire Marie Priest on different episodes.

Our role was to develop the series for television from the initial creation online  and handle all aspects of the production from pre to post production.

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