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Feature Film  | English |

Director: Tony Fadil

Repentance. Feature Film

Hamilton Candy and The Bishop. Feared, respected, ruthless. Hamilton, the east end brute. Destroyed by the murder of his wife and five-year-old daughter in a revenge killing. Older, wiser, some call him the sensible one of the two. But only some call him this. The Bishop. The psychotic loose cannon with an unhealthy obsession with God. Abused by his father and convinced he was a sinner in the eyes of God. He has only three loves in his life. The book, the word of the book, and one other. Both men are close friends. Both men carry scars. Both men are lost.

Then a job goes wrong. The only witness is a young girl called Ruby. Do they save her? Do they save themselves?

Bazooka Bunny
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