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In the works

BB Television and Film Production

We are a film and television production company working with passionate people to develop an initial concept, through story-boarding and take those ideas to the stages of filming, post-production, visual effects to final delivery. 

We believe that it takes a team of people to produce great film and television. We have already worked alongside some great directors and production companies to bring amazing projects to the screen.

We pride ourselves on offering a one stop solution. All our film and television work has been sold internationally. 

Please check out our catalogue page to see samples.


We're open to international co-productions

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Films and Television series in Development


The Washups

Production: English I Comedy I Feature Film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd in association with Wild Child Productions and Beth TV

When parents of rival football teams, who feel like mid-life ‘wash-ups’, decide to settle their score on the football field, they discover that they have more in common than they thought.

The Westlake dads, including a Texas oil tycoon and a former professional footballer, challenge the much poorer Kyle dads resulting in all sorts of life challenges revealing themselves, through road rage incidents, ice baths, spin classes and even a ‘dance-off’ between the moms.

Wash-ups is a heart-warming and entertaining journey that explores the themes of self-acceptance, family bonds and discovering similarities amidst apparent differences. Through laughter, personal growth and unexpected friendships, the parents learn that sometimes the greatest victories come from the most unexpected places.

For audiences that enjoy humorous films about the plucky underdog overcoming adversity, especially in a sports setting; films such as Friday Night Lights, The Mighty Ducks, The Replacements and Leatherheads.

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The Cowboy

Production: English I Action I Feature Film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd in association with Silent D Pictures and 8 Punch Films.

Killer, outlaw, gunslinger, legend; Billy the Kid was one of the most prolific outlaws of the Wild West. After shooting dead eight men he was hunted down and shot in the back by Pat Garret and died in 1881, or so the story goes... 160 years after his supposed death Billy the Kid is still alive and working as a hunter for a secret society called The Knights. He is kept in a state of youth through Andrenachrome, a substance harvested from humans before the moment of a traumatic death. But when a witness to a Society kill seeks his help Billy has to choose a side, once and for all. The secret society’s response - to call upon the one man who’s already beaten Billy before, the lawman and now Knight Society hunter, Pat Garret.

The Cowboy is an action-packed fight film featuring a number of real-life MMA fighters and martial artists, hence will appeal to fans of MMA, martial arts and high concept action films such as Highlander, The Matrix and The Tournament.

Cast: Christian Howard, Anthony De Longis, Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman.

Aunty Gang poster V3.png

The Auntie Gang

Production: English I Comedy I Feature Film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd in association with Busy Doctor Films

When Laxshmi is widowed, she finds out that her late husband was hoodwinked into signing up to a contract forfeiting their home and business upon his death, meaning that if she doesn’t find £50K in the next month, she’ll lose everything; primarily her disabled daughter, who’ll have to go into a care home, far from home. Facing ruination from the unscrupulous banker, Devan (call-me-Dave), and out of options, Laxshmi and friends rally round. And, as any Indian knows, no one messes with aunties…

There’s Janet, the honorary auntie (she’s married to an Indian man), overlooked at work and pushed out to pasture; Madhu, a divorced and childless artist, hence irrelevant, and Laxhmi, a successful mechanic and businesswoman.

They come together to steal £250K from the very man threatening them, banker Call-me-Dave. All they have to do is break into the fortress-like investment bank, get to Dave’s office, avoiding the CC-TV and alarms, crack the safe, get the £250K, then walk out and save the day. What can possibly go wrong?

For audiences that enjoy humorous British films about the plucky underdog including Fisherman’s Friends and The Full Monty, along with heist films such as Ocean’s 11.

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CRAZY CASTLES - If these walls could talk.

Production I English I Season 1: 10x44 episodes

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. In association with Beth TV.

Cast: Beth Hagendorf.

Director: Andrew Dymond

Film Location: Worldwide.

Crazy Castles is a hosted travel TV series that visits the world's most bizarre, unique castles. We uncover the craziest castles and their unique features and residents. Discover grotesque clandestine stories that can be both creepy and heartening. We re-create past civilisations’ wartime tactics and demonstrate them with high-speed cameras and, by using the latest technology in drones, SFX and digital mapping we create a dropped-in experience of the castle's many floor plans and faces over their thousand-year history.

Hosted by Beth Hagendorf, a castle geek and travel enthusiast, Crazy Castles finds Beth being given exclusive private tours of castles enabling her to discover clandestine stories that haven't, as yet, been circulated to the masses across the internet. Beth wants to share these intimate, riveting stories with the world.

Dead poster beth hagendorf.jpg

DEAD - A series about life.

Production I English I Season 1: 11x44 episodes

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. In association with Beth TV.

Cast: Beth Hagendorf.

Director: Andrew Dymond

Film Location: Worldwide.

Dead - A Series about Life is a hosted travel TV series that visits the world's most beautiful, historic and famous cemeteries in the world. While exploring the resting places of people who have shaped our world, we discover the history of death and dying around the world. Dead - A Series about Life removes the veil from the taboo topic of death and probes it with humour, curiosity, openness and respect.

The presence of death in our lives is larger than we think, and it has a fascinating effect on how we lead our lives. Around 109 billion humans have died on planet Earth, each with a unique story and resting place. Dead - A Series about Life explores a few of them.

Hosted by Beth Hagendorf, an enthusiast for spirituality and self-development, Dead - A Series about Life takes a fascinating journey that helps Beth discover that her own fear of death and of dying alone are, and have been, the fears of many for millennia. Share this journey with her as she explores the universal human condition and learns how to make peace with death by exploring death and the afterlife across all cultures.

Lion's Den

Production: English I True Story  I Drama  I Feature Film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd.

Lion’s Den is a gripping true-story drama that follows the harrowing journey of Sam. A refugee to the UK, following threats against her family’s life back in Sudan, a grown-up Sam finds herself embroiled in her own fight for survival when she uncovers land-banking scams, after landing a prestigious job with a prominent property developer. When Sam uncovers the truth about the criminal activities her morals compel her to protect the innocent clients who have fallen victim to the scam. She gathers evidence that leads to a court order freezing the nefarious companies' bank accounts. Initially the company attempts to bribe Sam to keep quiet, but it’s not long before Sam, well aware of company director Bassem's true psychopathic nature, chooses to go into hiding, rather than risking her safety. Eventually, Sam returns to the UK, determined to unravel Bassem's plans and protect herself without jeopardizing the court case, determined to bring him to justice.

Lion’s Den explores themes of resilience, justice and the intricate nature of deception. As the story unfolds, Sam becomes a symbol of courage and determination, fighting to protect innocent lives and ensure that justice is served. Lion’s Den will keep viewers on the edge of their seats as it delves into the dark underbelly of corporate crime and corruption, highlighting the strength of one woman's resolve in the face of insurmountable odds.

fallen cards poster g2b.jpg

Fallen Cards

Production I English I Drama I Feature Film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. In association with 12th Planet Productions.

Cast: Rich Manley, Anthony De Longis, Kristina Ellery, Kevin P. Farley, Chris Mulkey.

Director: Zach Ward

Film Location: USA.

Fallen Cards follows the story of Thomas Archer, a product of the Outlands. After the murder of his mother, a stage girl for a traveling magic act, Thomas is cast out into the Outlands. Taken in by a desert warrior, Ludo, Thomas learns the skills necessary to survive the harsh outside world. Coming of age, Thomas travels to Harbor city, A majestic place built on steam power. Paying homage to his fallen mother, Thomas becomes an overnight sensation as an illusionist in the Mayors, esteemed casino. Thomas discovers that his estranged archeologist father, John, is still alive in the Outlands. John, having discovered an ancient artifact older than civilization, is being hunted by men who wish to control this power and the destiny of humanities future. Thomas discovers that he has a connection to this mysterious device, and that he may just be the key to its power that everyone is looking for.

TMW pic.jpg

Tell me Why?

Funding I English I Drama, Thriller 90 minute feature film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. Taciturn Movie Ltd UK. 

Cast: Ellie Bindman

Film Location: California, USA

Molly is an attractive and talented teenager who won a scholarship to a prestigious

performing arts school. She feels socially awkward with her dysfunctional home

life and is bullied by a group of girls, one of whom is secretly in love with her.

The bullying leads to a downward spiral of self destruction and suicide attempt,

until her nemesis comes to the rescue. A moving tale of resilience and empathy

that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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