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From Russia with Motive (The Movie)

72 Mins  | English |

LGBTQIA+ comedy

Director: Colin Costello

Fleeing their small Russian village, two sisters Natasha (Charlotte Roi) and Svetlana (Jessie Nole), fly to Hollywood in Los Angeles with hopes of meeting rich American men; after all rich men are a girl's best friend!

The two are determined to live their lives as who they are without being judged as they battle stereotypes about Eastern European and transgender women. The two, along with a third Russian bride-to-be, Tatiana (Julia Kostenevich), who they meet at a dating agency in LA, also get an education about their own misconceptions of America.

In a nutshell, From Russia with Motive is a satirical comedy about three Russian gold diggers traveling all the way to Los Angeles to find rich husbands and Green Cards to help them to fulfil their own versions of the American Dream.

not the safe haven it presents itself to be.

FRWM (The Movie) Trailer

FRWM (The Movie) Trailer

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