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We are an international award winning film production company working with passionate people to develop an initial concept, through story-boarding and take those ideas to the stages of filming, post-production, visual effects to final delivery. 

We believe that it takes a team of people to produce a great film. We have already worked alongside some great directors and production companies to bring amazing projects to the screen.

We pride ourselves on offering a one stop solution. All our film work has been sold internationally.  Please check out our catalogue page to see samples.


We're open to international co-productions

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Films in Development

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Funding I English I Drama, Thriller 90 minute feature film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. Taciturn Movie Ltd UK. in association with Lumino Films Ltd.

Cast: Ellie Bindman

Director: Jane Sanger

Film Location: California, USA


Molly is an attractive and talented teenager who won a scholarship to a prestigious

performing arts school. She feels socially awkward with her dysfunctional home

life and is bullied by a group of girls, one of whom is secretly in love with her.

The bullying leads to a downward spiral of self destruction and suicide attempt,

until her nemesis comes to the rescue. A moving tale of resilience and empathy

that will keep you on the edge of your seat!