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We are an international award winning film production company working with passionate people to develop an initial concept, through story-boarding and take those ideas to the stages of filming, post-production, visual effects to final delivery. 

We believe that it takes a team of people to produce a great film. We have already worked alongside some great directors and production companies to bring amazing projects to the screen.

We pride ourselves on offering a one stop solution. All our film work has been sold internationally.  Please check out our catalogue page to see samples.


We're open to international co-productions

Films in Development

In Post Production | English | Drama, Horror | 90 minute feature film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd.

Cast: Greg Hobbs George McCluskey Diane Ellis Jade Callendar Nick Sheard

Director: George McCluskey

Film Location: United Kingdom


The Baxter family move into a cottage in the countryside in the hope that change will improve things. Husband, Tim, has PTSD and the daughter, Mindy, is a problematic teenager who does not get along with her stepfather.

When Tim's behaviour becomes both threatening and bizarre, mother Elaine calls friend and psychiatrist, Peter, for help, but the situation begins to get out of control with Tim seemingly possessed. Elaine feels her only hope is through Jonathan, a priest and family friend, performing an exorcism.

With Tim's health fading, the family on the verge of collapse, and Peter still believing the problem is psychological, the priest sets about going to war with whatever has possessed Tim...

Funding I English I Drama, Thriller 90 minute feature film

Production Company: Bazooka Bunny Ltd. Taciturn Movie Ltd UK. in association with Lumino Films Ltd.

Cast: Ellie Bindman

Director: Jane Sanger

Film Location: California, USA


Molly is an attractive and talented teenager who won a scholarship to a prestigious

performing arts school. She feels socially awkward with her dysfunctional home

life and is bullied by a group of girls, one of whom is secretly in love with her.

The bullying leads to a downward spiral of self destruction and suicide attempt,

until her nemesis comes to the rescue. A moving tale of resilience and empathy

that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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