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Fallen Cards. Feature Film

The Year is 2200. A man made catastrophe. Virus, famine and war have caused an economic collapse. Society has rebuilt itself upon a barren land of dust and debris. Fallen Cards follows the story of Thomas Archer, a product of the Outlands. After the murder of his mother, a stage girl for a traveling magic act, Thomas is cast out into the Outlands. Taken in by a desert warrior, Ludo, Thomas learns the skills necessary to survive the harsh outside world. Coming of age, Thomas travels to Harbor city, A majestic place built on steam power. Paying homage to his fallen mother, Thomas becomes an overnight sensation as an illusionist in the Mayors, esteemed casino. Thomas discovers that his estranged archeologist father, John, is still alive in the Outlands. John, having discovered an ancient artifact older than civilization, is being hunted by men who wish to control this power and the destiny of humanities future. Thomas discovers that he has a connection to this mysterious device, and that he may just be the key to its power that everyone is looking for.

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