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Production I English I Season 1: 10x44

Bazooka Bunny Ltd. In association with Beth TV.

Cast: Beth Hagendorf.

Director: Andrew Dymond

Crazy Castles

CRAZY CASTLES - If these walls could talk.

Crazy Castles is a hosted travel TV series that visits the world's most bizarre, unique castles. We uncover the craziest castles and their unique features and residents. Discover grotesque clandestine stories that can be both creepy and heartening. We re-create past civilisations’ wartime tactics and demonstrate them with high-speed cameras and, by using the latest technology in drones, SFX and digital mapping we create a dropped-in experience of the castle's many floor plans and faces over their thousand-year history.

Hosted by Beth Hagendorf, a castle geek and travel enthusiast, Crazy Castles finds Beth being given exclusive private tours of castles enabling her to discover clandestine stories that haven't, as yet, been circulated to the masses across the internet. Beth wants to share these intimate, riveting stories with the world.

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