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TV Researcher - Shadow Chasers Season 4

The team are currently looking for an enthusiastic Researcher to be part of one of our television series. team, you’ll come up with original, diverse and compelling ways of telling stories for our audience - covering news, celebrity guests, and a range of human interest and lifestyle stories and features. You'll have lots of ideas and a good knowledge of current affairs. You will be responsible for researching programme items, writing briefs and scripts as well as edit material for the show. You’ll also brief guests and on-screen talent and therefore must feel comfortable interacting with lots of different people from different backgrounds and seniority levels. The successful applicant will ideally have a strong journalistic ability, creative flair and be well...

Apprentice Scheme

If you're looking for an alternative to University with a qualification to match… Bazooka Bunny could have the perfect

opportunity for you! The deal, simply put, is that you work for us full time earning a salary, and in turn we will pay for you to

gain a professional qualification, giving you time off to attend college/training with your peers.

We have currently two positions open at the moment. The length of our Apprenticeships vary depending on the qualification

that has been chosen in line with the role. Ideally we're looking for someone with passion where you wouldn't normally get

the chance. We encourage diversity in any form, we don't care where you're from or what sexual ordination you are.

All we care about is your passion for film and television and maybe a good sense of humour as well.

What you'll need:

1) A passport (We're not just filming in the UK)

2) A driving licence (If not, we can talk about it)

We would prefer:

1) Someone who either has experience in posting videos. I.e. Youtube

2) Someone who has picked up a camera or a phone and filmed something.

3) Edited something or done some VFX

(Does not have to be all of them, but it demonstrates that you've got off your behind)

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