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Here at Bazooka Bunny we believe in helping small charities, a small amount of money or our time can make a huge difference. What may not seem a lot to you, may be a huge helping hand to them. Not a lot of people have indispensable cash, but even £1 or £5 can make all the difference – and you don’t even have to donate money. In a small charity, it is also more likely that you will see how that money is spent – you know face to face who is being helped and can become more personally involved with the cause. We believe, that we might not be as big as the larger studios but over time as we grow one of our core beliefs is to try and help others the best we can. To that end we currently support the following charities.

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OPOKA (Freedom from domestic violence and abuse) 

Opoka is a Polish voluntary organisation set up in the UK as part of a pilot run by Chrysalis Supported Association Ltd, OPOKA has been up and running now for more than five years. Opoka helps and supports women and children who are experiencing the devastating and damaging consequences of domestic violence and abuse and who are often as a result suffering in isolation without knowing who to turn to, or how and where to seek help. Their statistics tell their own story; over the past five years they have helped over 1000 women and their children who have trusted and relied on their service. The hardest and most difficult first step for any person is to open up and to talk about violence and abuse without knowing what that will mean for there lives going forward. They recognise that in the Polish community in the UK there is a huge problem with domestic violence and a well ingrained cultural “No Talk Rule!”, where Polish women feel that they are themselves in fact to blame and this leaves them feeling extremely isolated and powerless. These women live for many years suffering in silence from the effects of domestic violence before and sadly, if ever, they take the first step and call and ask for help, to make a life for themselves and their children, free from violence and abuse.

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