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Blown Away - Season 1 -

Season 1. 10 x 60mins | English | Subtitles 

Producer Henry Rouquairol

Presenter Beth Hagendorf

A mash-up of ‘Mythbusters’, ‘Hollywood Weapons’, and 1980's ‘That's Incredible’, with a residue of science and world history, plus a pinch of quantum physics, but always with plenty of fun, Blown Away is a new hosted series about explosions, explosives and the who, what, where, when, and why of everything that goes BOOM from the natural, man-made and metaphysical.

Our world is nothing but energy in various forms, and life is a delicate coexistence with explosions. Blown Away covers the good, bad and the ugly in how they shape our world.

Bombshell Beth Hagendorf, chemist Matt Barnett, and historian Rex Rotsko investigate mind-blowing topics through explosives, science and history, along with friends.

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